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Earn a point for every dollar spent! 

Once you reach 500, you'll receive $10 off your next purchase!*

You reward points will not expire and can be redeemed any time. *

*Super days excluded.

Our Top Priority

Regular members who shop frequently at Go Vita Bunbury will have access to  4 copies a year of the award winning

Go Mag.


Besides being packed with quality information and great offers, Go Mag contains special discount coupons which will guarantee our members as much as 25% off the recommended retail price on a top range of health supplements.

It's Free!

At Go Vita Bunbury, we offer a customer membership program to all our health conscious shoppers.


 It's absolutely FREE to join either online or in store.

Super Days

Receive 20% Off All Health Supplements on our Super Tuesday and Super Saturday every month!*

Members only!

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