Cassandra Gray, Naturopath

Cassandra Gray is a practising Naturopath and busy Mum of three. She considers herself to be a passionate ‘herbie’ and aims to strike the balance between traditional applications and modern science. Empowering others to take care of their health, and that of their families is her passion.

Growing up on a beef farm in the Hunter Valley of NSW instilled in her a love of plants and nature where she should brew up a variety of concoctions for the poddy calves, farm dogs and poor unwitting humans! Cassandra started working for a local Herbalist at the age of 14 and was lucky enough to be mentored by her for a number of years, passing on her traditional knowledge and love of teaching others to make herbal remedies, and take control of their health. Having a background in Herbal Manufacturing, running Natural Health Clinics, and Pharmacy work gives Cassandra a range of varied experience and down to earth sensible strategies and advice for her clients. Her personalised treatments include Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle strategies.


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