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Kinesiology is the most comprehensive and most holistic of all modern, natural therapies. Founded on Eastern medicine and Western understanding of anatomy, kinesiology enables you to bypass your conscious mind, to let your body know exactly what it need to be healthy.

Incorporating the Chinese Medicine models of the Meridian system, the energy flows of the body can be evaluated by biofeedback (muscle monitoring), which, in turn reflect the body’s overall state of structural, chemical or emotional balance. A Kinesiologist will use biofeedback to access information about a person’s wellbeing.

The meridian system is influenced by many factors and our Kinesiologist can prioritise treatment to balance the meridian systems that supplies chi or energy to the muscle. This energy balancing is at the heart of Kinesiology - helping the body into a better position to heal itself or reach a specified goal by harmonising its energies.

Fay Savage-Winter, Kinesiologist

Fay Savage-Winter, Kinesiologist

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